Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the hunt for Sport's Equipment- I struck GOLD!

Sorry for neglecting my post but my baby, Thing 2, had his 1st Baseball All-Star tournament this past week(end) and I had doctor appointments and just didn't fit any blogging in. Forgive me?

This past weekend I hit up Value World  (VW) with my printable 50% off coupon from and found not 1, not 2 but 5 pairs of sliding shorts for baseball. Friends let me tell you, that's a rare treasure indeed, to date I've never found any and the regular price is $20-$50 depending on brand and quality. I got all 5 for under $5, YES, that's right, $5 BUCKS!!!

I was lucky and found before baseball season started a protective shirt for Thing 2 at the same VW for $2...I thought they run around $20 so great deal, yeah?  Well, All-Star coach bought his son the exact same 1 for $40, SCORE!!! At another VW, I got him a $40 bat for $1.50 and the best thing, he started hitting consistently better.

And my final deal of the day, which isn't a Thrift Store find but definetely all white "uniform" to match my baby. Shorts $6 and Shirt $4 Wally-World (Walmart), then took it to the awesome Avon Sports Apparel to have the name/numbers pressed on my shirt, $13 plus they gave me (2) neon orange t-shirts to promote their business, FREE is a definite SCORE too... Go see Fernando (play mental ABBA song now) and get your parent booster shirt hooked up, only took about 10 mins

I was wearing a navy blue Hawks shirt but it was sooo hot outside, heat index 110, on Saturday that I went with all white too...I have a secret for getting his uniform clean...I used the recipe to make your own home-made laundry soap from Erin Huffstetler @Frugal Living.

I used 2 TBSP each of: Fels Naptha Soap, Washing Soda, Baking Soda and Borax...mixed that with HOT water in a bucket, added uniform & hand scrubbed red dirt & grass stains out. Then dump the entire mixture into the washing machine & add 1 load serving of Tide w/Febreeze (you probably could omit the Tide but it was already so late & I didn't want to wait to rewash)...viola' comes out pretty white. (pics taken Sunday & the smiles are there because we hadn't lost yet)

In this rare photo of brother's hugging & liking each other (that's Thing #1 in the gold tee), you can see how dirty it was from Saturday's winning game. We celebrated by eating dinner at Culver's Butter Burgers & Frozen Custard, MMM soo good. 

Homemade laudry soap costs about $5 to make 10 gallons of detergent that works very well & has a clean smell.  It even revived some pretty dingy shirts I used it on!
Easy to make too & I bought all of the ingredients in the laundry/cleaning aisle of Kroger's grocery store.

COMING SOON: Treasure Hunting in Sunny Madiera Beach
What will she find??

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