Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let Me Introduce myself...

My name's Amy and I live in Indianapolis, home of the Colts, Pacers and Indianapolis 500. I'm a single mom of two boys, AnDreis who's 10 and Adrian who's 8.

I'm a Second Generation crafter and Thrift Store Treasure Hunter. My mom taught me well by her example and I find myself becoming more & more like her now that she's gone to Heaven. When I'm creating or treasure hunting, I feel so very close to her, I guess that's why I like to do it even more now.

For as long as I can remember, my mother has always made something- in the late 70's she macramed the heck out of some planters to sell for extra income (she was a single mom too) and made Square Dance dresses when we lived in Florida, apparently it was really popular and she had a great stream of orders. I remember all those ruffled skirts..the ruffles & ruffles & ruffles. I also remember hard-sugar easter eggs that she decorated along with Candy Bar crosses. In the '80 she made soft-sculpted dolls, cabbage patch babies and then she fell in love with stenciling and Tolle Painting. The '90 brought flower arrangements and still more Tolle painting.  For the last 10 years of her life, she fell head over heels in love with Stampin' Up and making cards.  I started scrapbooking & created a profile on TwoPeasinaBucket.com/dredrian, showed it to her and she took it over.  Her beautiful creations are still there in cyber-space if you want to check them out. I go & pull pics of her cards to send to her friends & family on their birthdays...it kind of makes us all feel like she's still here & got a "Glinda" made-it card for their birthday. I loved Glinda Ray Querry-Chasteen very much, RIP 6/14/42 - 12/24/08...although I miss you so badly, I wouldn't wish you back from heaven for anything.

Sorry, had to get the sad stuff out first, now we can move on to the crafty transformations of all my LOOT I find Treasure Hunting at Thrift Stores.  In my area, we have Goodwills & Salvation Army along with my very favorite gettin' place, Value World.  Over the years a few of my best places closed up- Unique Thrift Store & Council of the Blind...oh how I've missed them, between those 2 places is how I dressed by boys for the 1st 5 years of their lives (and me too).  Many a holiday was spent in their "WHOLE STORE 50% OFF" for hours, lines around the building, had to bring your own cart...I've seen shorter lines on Black Friday, seriously

Now I have to settle for Goodwill's 1st Saturday of the Month 50% off sale ($.59/lb at the Outlet) and scrounge for Value World coupons to get 50% off there, thankfully they put them out on http://www.coupons4indy.com/ and go on Sundays with my full punch card.

July 2nd was Goodwill last Super Saturday (I have a video interview w/AnDreis Terry, my shopping hostage for the day, once I figure out how to load it here) OH MY GOODNESS did I get some fantastic stuff: raw materials to stock my forthcoming ETSY shop and some wonderful decorations for my house & yard. I hestitate to post the pics because I know it will create so much ENVY :)

I also am a Freecycler & free Craigslister as much as I can, people have been soo generous...and I like to call the things I find that were a specific wishlist, my BOAZ Blessings.

Both boys play basketball, soccer, football and baseball..Adrian loves them all & it awesome & God has seen fit to bless him with Athletisism (cuz it sure didn't come from me) Anyway, he was needing a bat and God provided me a find at Value World for $3, mind you I just browsed Craigslist the day before & I wasn't gonna touch a decent one like he needed for under $50, so I did the happy dance all the way home & make sure to give God the glory for it. I think God puts stuff there for me to find just to show me how much he really thinks about me (well, all of us).

Well, I think that's enough for now...please bear with me in my learning curve, constructive criticism is always welcome, be warned not so nice posts will be deleted, I don't like drama, I only want positive, creative juices flowing over here...


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