Saturday, September 3, 2011

French chair, I think????

WHEW, today was a long, treasure huntin' day....  1st Goodwill Outlet we shopped for about 2 hours, when getting into line, the power flickers...everybody was like, whew, glad it's back on (I was thinking they would start looting other people carts for treasure) but it knocked out their computers/registers and their ability to take credit/debit cards :(    CASH ONLY, what, I never carry cash... so I had to schleep out to a gas station, pay a crazy ATM fee + $2 from my bank but it was sooo worth it... here's the teaser- black toile quilt, lobster like crate, creamy pin=tuck comforter w/2 shams, 2 more IronStone Blue & White plates, glass cloche, Ball Jar Pitcher, a full bolt/spool of Jute Rope, some cleats, vintage baby dresses, and some more what-nots... and a wonderful loveseat that matches the style of my family room couch, $4.50 just needs a tad of cleaning on the edges...WOO HOO

came home, unloaded & rested for a bit....left Loveseat outside planned on cleaning it with my little Mean Green Machine when I got back from Round 2, so it would dry out quickly, it was only 95 today.

Off to GW Outlet #2, where I had to wait on a cart but saw them rolling this little beauty out and I pounced...and got it...then found another quilt in tans, blues & greens perfect for a boy's room... had Things 1 & 2 sitting guard on them while I hunted...I paid them $2 each to keep watch & boy did that make them happy!

The clerk rang it up for $3.50, I was soo's in perfect shape but the black leather stuff if coming off....BAD so it's gonna be fun getting that off of there... Things 1&2 had loads of fun sharing the back seat with it and we had to drive like that for a while...hey I paid them for it!!!

I was thinking it's a French chair but not sure now since I can't find one similiar on Miss Mustard Seed's blog (see does tons of French Chairs)

 While we were still out & about... I get a call from my dad saying it's thundering around home...I look at the sky & I watched the weather...clear as a bell....I hustle home anyway...get to my grid in Decatur TWP & it looked like a tornado had hit different parts, tree limbs & leaves everywhere but the streets were dry??? stop lights out & asked a Power Company worker if our whole area's out..he said yes & it would be a while... luckily our neighborhood has power...and then I pulled in the poor, soaking wet loveseat was sitting I got out the Mean Green Machine and got to work...but it's still soaking wet & more rain is on the way tonight so Lovey is in the garage getting air dried with a fan and my car is out for the night...

Now, I'm tired & it's off to bed...

Nite Nite, Sleep Tight, don't let the BedBugs bite

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Curb Side Recycler???

This entry will should make some of my Blogging/Furniture Flipping Idols SOOO Jealous

So this afternoon was a little hectic, had go straight to a viewing after work, I had a brain freeze & couldn't remember exactly what street the funeral home was on, tried to pull up the obit on my smart slow phone while driving...never got it, realized I had the paper in the car so found it, driving on.... get stopped by a S-L-O-W train then miss the turn off & have to drive a full city block to turn this point, I'm beyond frustrated...when low & behold, I see this beauty sitting at the curb waiting to be found by me instead of doomed for the dump... she is glorious, I probably would have paid for her but FREE, oh yes doing the happy dance but not in the funeral home.
now, she has a very wide (unusually wide) seat bottom and she kind of reminds me of a her name is Comice 'cuz they are my favorite-est pear ever (coming into season mid-October, I just asked about them this morning)

AND all the finish has already been stripped off, that's a naked pear right there, SWEET!

I'm still doing the Zumba Happy Dance- uh huh, uh huh, Go Go Get It Get It

Right around the corner from the Funeral Home is 1 of my "Gettin' Places"- Asset Recylcing, swung in there to see what Spray Paint they had for $1/can JACKPOT and a big bag of Unsanded Grout to mix my own Chalk-Board paint, not to be confused with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint which I am furiously trying to copy.  Here's what I got, guess how much I paid???? Come On Guess!!

$9 bucks for everything, 7 cans of Spray Paint: 3 O.R.B, Satin Nickle, Black, Spray Poly all Rustoleaum & 1 can Valspar in Blue; 2lbs of grout, 2 ORB drawer pulls & a funky brush I'm hoping will work as a Wax Brush.

Now here are a few other free things I've picked up in the last week (in my poor little Ford Focus) both are going to be display shelves in my Flea Market Booth, ironically called "Treasures"

the wood case came from Craigslist & the metal IKEA-like metal CD rack from curb-side recycling both from 5-mins from work in Broad Ripple...that odd gray yellow thing is my backseat bench I had to unlatch to fit the wood case in... just let me careful when you go unlatching a seatbench that usually carry your messy boys....ICCKKK-nasty  but it's now clean & tidy under there...

side notes--after trying unsuccessfully to get the wood case in my Focus, the gifters came out (still laughing hysterically, they said they weren't but I would have been so I think they were) I introduced myself and told her about my blog & what I was gonna do with it...she said, I think the glass shelves & doors are still in the basement..I said, let me know & I'll swing back by to get them...sure enough, she found them that night & I picked them up

My friend at work also lives in the area & does nightly walks, she told me where to find the CD rack, I love it... she saw some chandeliers the other night but when I went to grab them, they were already gone, WAH WAH WOHHH

Until the next Hunt (that's be Saturday at Goodwill Outlet's Super Saturday Sale)
-Amy, the Thrifty Treasure Hunter

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How Thoughtful is my God...

If you've never read the book, The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, you should, IMMEDIATELY...anyway...years & years ago...I've always had a love/knack/desire/urge to go Curb/Dumpster Diving & be a trash picker... more than 20 years...I still have a foot-locker I curb-side recyled when I was 18 (it needs updating but...)  A few months back, I had a deep, driving urge to be "creative" artistically again and I came across a couple of bloggers & their sites (can't remember how I stumbled onto to them) but a seed of a dream started..I read their blogs and figured I could do the same thing to make extra income at night while home with my boys as they sleep (bedtime is 8pm).

Enter  The Speckled Dog blog & ETSY shop, she shopped thrift stores and took her raw materials from the ugly woods section aisle that hardly anybody goes down to make wonderful things!!!  She gives wonderful tutorials on how to "create" beauty from junk. I found her from The Tip Junkie, her site has links to anything you could ever imagine...DIY party themes, Holiday gifts, home decor, sewing, cooking, baking...if your 2 Hands can touch it, there's a link on her site for it.

My BFF & I were at a 50% off whole Goodwill Store not too long after that & she sees my cart full of U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi you ugly..uh uh you ugly) wood...she was like, UHH you feeling alright, what's up w/the UHMM, wood?? I tried to explain it a bit...God love her, she didn't "SEE" my big dream just then. But I have other artistic friends who could see it & said yeah, go for it...& really the ugly wood was small $$$ investment so why not?? 

Fast Forward, told some other close friends & 1 of them found some "free" dumpster junk while working 3rd Shift...brings it to me, so I think, OK God, I get approve it's an path to follow to help bring in money without leaving my boys at night time daycare since I already work a full time job (it's a wonderful job w/great pay & benefits don't get me wrong) but little boys & all their sports fees & equipment is expensive, so I need extra to give them extras...

Little by little and Thrifting Hunt after thrifting hunt, God is allowing me to "find" treasures that I can sell thru my ETSY shop to make that income. WOW, do what I love to do, THRIFTING & finding the finds is going to finally bring in some money instead of just saving me 80% off retail.

I'm still in the process of getting enough stock together and thinking of a Spectacular name for my's really all about marketing you know...

I'm praying for God to open the doors (both online & real life) for my business to be a big financial success. I've found a couple local non-profit agencies that take the $$$ I spend there back to help more people in need but I get CHEAP raw materials, paint, hardware, etc (it's almost free) to make my stuff. I'll post about them sometime this week, I just bought 2 wonderfully chippy pieces of furniture to make over to sell.

This afternoon, I took a "Look/See" of a Flea Market/Consignment shop, coincidentally called "Treasures" and got ideas on how to set up a booth there to see my "finds" and furniture along with ETSY.

Then just this past Thursday, I went sharkin' (that's a quick scan of the store without a cart) on my lunch break and found a unique piece of my Facebook post below....

Soo overwhelmed w/gratitude toward God..I know many of you don't "get" my blog or how/why I'm doing it...but today I found 1 lowly, unique china platter paid $1.08 for w/tax...just looked it up, it's Homer Laughlin rare pattern made in Jan 1935 and worth around $40 roughly...he's showing me in little ways & acknowledgements that this business is blessed & to follow it. Thank you God! Thursday at 11:26pm ·

I think my ETSY shop will be called "Beauty for Ashes Designs" and this song..."You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of the dust.." by Gungor has been playing over & over in my head along with several different people giving scripture reference to that same passage.

So say a prayer for me for clarity & send some people to like my Facebook Page and "join to follow" my site here on google blogs, PLEASE !