Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, but can she really hunt down the treasure?

It's true, I'm new to blogging but I have been a Treasure Hunter for as long as I can remember (my mom drug me around with her) and just like spinach & asparagus, I love it as an adult.

What's in the bag, lady?  Well, I'm glad you asked (shopping bag was a sample from, they have wonderful marketing tools and they are very, very economical & easy to work with)

This is just 1 of the bags of booty from my 4th of July Goodwill Super Saturday sale, I weighed the contents & a couple other things you'll see in the next pic, it all weighed 7 pounds. Now, you're probably wondering why does it matter how much it weighs, right? Well, at Goodwill Outlet (Indy has 3 of them) they weigh most everything by the pound. Regular price is $.59/lb but on Super Saturdays it's only $.39/lb. YES, I typed that correctly and for you quick mathematicians out there, I only spent about $3 for everything I'm getting ready to show you. MWA HA HA
OK, gonna start from the top down
  • Black wrought iron 2 decorative plate holder (was bronze/coppery)
  • Full tin of Mostly Memories Sample candle Grandma's Kitchen smells like cinnamon oatmeal cookies
  • Yankee Candle Shells on Sand Candle holder #0903258521
  • Ceramic Bee candle holder (small candles in the wings)
  • Partylite taper candle slightly curved in spiced vanilla
  • Small off white shelf (held all of the above)
  • Small Embroidery Hoop
  • Silver 5X7 picture frame
  • Smaller plastic hoop
  • Rooster Coaster (inside hoop, going to upcycle this for my kitchen)
  • Willow Tree Angel-Happiness missing her foo-fahs on her arms
  • Suchard Hot Chocolate Syrup for Tassimo 8 disks fully sealed
  • Wooden Bobbin Holder??
  • Lime Green Ceramic Pot w/matching tray (2nd one not pictured)
  • 5 Walnut colored wooden mini-candle sticks
  • Evil Pig from Toy Story, Faceless LegoMan & Golf Ball (for my boys)
  • Medium Espresso Shelf/Ledge w/4 Hooks (held all of the above)
  • Salter Digital scale (perfect for weighing food or packages)
  • Black Paisley Vera Bradley Makeup Bag
  • Heavy Duty Ladder/Bike Wall Hook for Garage
  • GNC Pro Performance Shake Maker w/steel mixing ball (perfect for Shakeology Shake)
  • Leather Tool Belt Pouch
  • Tied to the Top of the chair resting against the back is Tan W/Black Flocked Design w/satin sash
  • Not in this pic but (8) sealed in original plastic Original Chocolate Factory candy/dessert molds w/instruction book
ALL OF THAT for  Three Dollars, let the hating's time I go 'A Hunting, you can come too

I had already painted the plate holder black and found 2 Rooster Plates to go in them from another adventure, they came from Value World originally from Home Goods w/price still on $2.99 each, VW had them marked $1.21 but I used my 50% off coupon and got them both for $1.21, they were supposed to go in my kitchen that I'm doing French Country Roosters.....But Alas, as I was trying to get the right placement to cover the phone jack, both of them crashed to the ground and broke, cutting my leg w/shards (Who knew Terra Cotta could be so sharp)

Now don't fret, they broke in big enough pieces I think I can Super Glue them back together, if not,
well it was only A Buck Twenty One :)

Well, Can I Hunt or Can I Hunt,

Amy, The Thrify Treasure Hunter signing off for today

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  1. ADDITIONAL NOTE: I did superglue the plates back together, need to do a little more rehab on them & they should be ok to use in the plate rack.