Monday, July 18, 2011

A Day Late (well an hour) ...

Sorry no posts this weekend, wasn't feeling the greatest & still have a mild migraine today....(just called in a refill of my migraine medicine & thanks to a Catalina Coupon from Meijer, I'm getting $20 just to get it filled at CVS)

So today scrolling thru Facebook statuses, I see on Goodwill page that Jenna of All Thrifty States will be at the Greenwood Point Goodwill store at 1:30pm... Wonderful right?? yes, except it's 2:45 and that store is a good 30 minutes away and my head is not liking the HOT weather we're having right now.

From what I've read on Jenna's website, we might be soul sisters...Jenna's page, liking the Goodwill Guy. She's on a mission to go Thrifting in all Fifty (Thrifty) States, AND she's traveling in an RV named HaRVey.. anyway, check out her page and go on over and "Like" her on Facebook click here  and to get hooked up of Goodwill's sales & Friday Coupons go over & like there page click here

I just created a Facebook page to so please go on over & LIKE ME, please :)  click here

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