Sunday, August 21, 2011

How Thoughtful is my God...

If you've never read the book, The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, you should, IMMEDIATELY...anyway...years & years ago...I've always had a love/knack/desire/urge to go Curb/Dumpster Diving & be a trash picker... more than 20 years...I still have a foot-locker I curb-side recyled when I was 18 (it needs updating but...)  A few months back, I had a deep, driving urge to be "creative" artistically again and I came across a couple of bloggers & their sites (can't remember how I stumbled onto to them) but a seed of a dream started..I read their blogs and figured I could do the same thing to make extra income at night while home with my boys as they sleep (bedtime is 8pm).

Enter  The Speckled Dog blog & ETSY shop, she shopped thrift stores and took her raw materials from the ugly woods section aisle that hardly anybody goes down to make wonderful things!!!  She gives wonderful tutorials on how to "create" beauty from junk. I found her from The Tip Junkie, her site has links to anything you could ever imagine...DIY party themes, Holiday gifts, home decor, sewing, cooking, baking...if your 2 Hands can touch it, there's a link on her site for it.

My BFF & I were at a 50% off whole Goodwill Store not too long after that & she sees my cart full of U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi you ugly..uh uh you ugly) wood...she was like, UHH you feeling alright, what's up w/the UHMM, wood?? I tried to explain it a bit...God love her, she didn't "SEE" my big dream just then. But I have other artistic friends who could see it & said yeah, go for it...& really the ugly wood was small $$$ investment so why not?? 

Fast Forward, told some other close friends & 1 of them found some "free" dumpster junk while working 3rd Shift...brings it to me, so I think, OK God, I get approve it's an path to follow to help bring in money without leaving my boys at night time daycare since I already work a full time job (it's a wonderful job w/great pay & benefits don't get me wrong) but little boys & all their sports fees & equipment is expensive, so I need extra to give them extras...

Little by little and Thrifting Hunt after thrifting hunt, God is allowing me to "find" treasures that I can sell thru my ETSY shop to make that income. WOW, do what I love to do, THRIFTING & finding the finds is going to finally bring in some money instead of just saving me 80% off retail.

I'm still in the process of getting enough stock together and thinking of a Spectacular name for my's really all about marketing you know...

I'm praying for God to open the doors (both online & real life) for my business to be a big financial success. I've found a couple local non-profit agencies that take the $$$ I spend there back to help more people in need but I get CHEAP raw materials, paint, hardware, etc (it's almost free) to make my stuff. I'll post about them sometime this week, I just bought 2 wonderfully chippy pieces of furniture to make over to sell.

This afternoon, I took a "Look/See" of a Flea Market/Consignment shop, coincidentally called "Treasures" and got ideas on how to set up a booth there to see my "finds" and furniture along with ETSY.

Then just this past Thursday, I went sharkin' (that's a quick scan of the store without a cart) on my lunch break and found a unique piece of my Facebook post below....

Soo overwhelmed w/gratitude toward God..I know many of you don't "get" my blog or how/why I'm doing it...but today I found 1 lowly, unique china platter paid $1.08 for w/tax...just looked it up, it's Homer Laughlin rare pattern made in Jan 1935 and worth around $40 roughly...he's showing me in little ways & acknowledgements that this business is blessed & to follow it. Thank you God! Thursday at 11:26pm ·

I think my ETSY shop will be called "Beauty for Ashes Designs" and this song..."You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of the dust.." by Gungor has been playing over & over in my head along with several different people giving scripture reference to that same passage.

So say a prayer for me for clarity & send some people to like my Facebook Page and "join to follow" my site here on google blogs, PLEASE !


Friday, August 19, 2011

Facebook Friday at Goodwill **teaser**

Well I finally got my act together & printed my Facebook Fan coupon to use at Goodwill on Friday Only...and it figures..

The color of the week is Black, the new stuff they were putting out was red, no biggee really except, whomever they have pricing this week knows their stuff & value of said junk Treasures and I don't mean just an average price, I mean too expensive to be a Goodwill price... I didn't buy many Red tags today...

But that doesn't mean I didn't buy fact, I bought A LOT, $55 dollars worth and some Beautiful, Breathtaking, Rare & very collectible china. (Let visions of Iron Stone & other run thru your head)

Here's a teaser pic of my over-loaded cart- (I found the batteries for my real camera so I should be posting more blogs & faster)  And big shout out to my cashier & her help that so lovingly & carefully wrapped my china, Thank You  Ladies for taking care of my things and treating them like the were junk

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Here are some found treasures from the Goodwill Outlet, priced at $.59/lb on Super Saturday Sale

I was soo excited to spy these in the blue bins....and thought I might have to fight an old lady for them in regular Goodwill, probably not gonna see any Jerry Springer Material but at 'Da Outlet, well You Never Know! They are going to look great with my White Ironstone Cup/Saucers that I told you about here

Currier & Ives "Early Winter" Soup Bowl by Royal   found (3) in OK condtion, current selling price from China Replacement Parts is $9.99 each, weighs 'bout 1/2lb or $.30/each = $30 Samollions (or dollars, bucks, greenbacks, you know money??)

(4) Currier & Ives by Royal China on Royal-Ironstone Plates same weight as bowls & resell price, $40 profit
(4) Bread & Butter plates, no stamp/markings on back of plate, $4.99 each, weighs less than 1/4lb so $.15 cost = $19 profit

Ed can you update that total on the Leaderboard please!  (drum roll) $90 give or take few...see people, you can have what you want for a WOW, That's A LOW PRICE, just have to hunt & you know what they say... Neccessity Low Budget  is the Mother of Invention Treasure Hunting!

WHAT DID I DO TODAY??? (Or What Didn't You Do?)

Well on lunch, I ran thru Value World and boy did I find some FINDS!!!  a for real Bell-Shaped Cloche $1.50, (2) Milk Glass vases that you see everywhere $.40, Milk Glass Budoir Lamp $1.20 (metal work needs freshed with Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint), a cool typewriter/suitcase thing that looks kind of British for Thing 1's room it's a rocker theme... couple of cool pitchers 1 with a grasshopper graphic and some more stuff I can't remember off the tops of my head but only spent $14.86 using my 50% off coupon and had a cart load, that makes TTH very to come

Then swung into Lowes to check paint mistints, I found 2- red sample for $.50 and a Grey-ish Exterior quart for $2.50 (they are 5 mins from each other) didn't even get a cart...left there picked up Roast Beast Manhattan from MCL Cafeteria (Yummy Old People, no salt added homecooked Goodness) all that Treasure Hunting makes a girl HUNGRAY-WHAT U CRAVE (sorry random commercials keep popping into my head- that's actually from White Castle)

Finsished my real job that pays the bills, Coached Thing 1 at Soccer Practice while my BFF took Thing 2 to Football home & spent 'bout an hour painting my raw materials tonight...getting closer to opening my ETSY SHOP!!

Working Hard

This is a short, informative post w/o pics

I've started to get my stock together to launch the ETSY shop, still tossing around store names

Phoenix Interiors- out of the ashes(junk) comes beautiful decor for your home

I love the story of the Phoenix, my mom gave me a book of Russian Fairy Tales a long time ago and The Phoenix story is in there...

any other ideas??? I'm open...

TTH Decor

Bueller, Bueller, anyone??

My goal is now to get the furniture part loaded so that may I can be the Indiana Distributor for Annie Sloan Chalk Paints...hmm, high aspirations? Yes but when you Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you're still amoung the Stars :)

OK, you're turn to comment back, PLEASE

Woo Hoo Hoo-Fabulous Friday at G-Dubs

that's Goodwill in case you didn't know, and Goodwill has been Soo Good to Me!!!

Here is an intriguingly interesting dining table, the legs resemble bamboo and are a yellow ocher color and the top is wood grain but laminate...BOO,  however the price is nice for such a sturdy table that has so many makeover possiblities, a mere $18.99, I had to pass on this one, wouldn't fit into Bertilda-my Ford Focus...oh she holds alot o' stuff for sure but no way for me to get this beast home...I'm really wishing I had my mini-van back (who says that? and actually means it??)

NOW, for the Good Stuff I did buy on Fabulous Friday at G-Dubbs...20 Pieces of White Authentic Iron Stone by the Johnson Brothers out of England...and each piece was $.99, I almost felt like a thief and then I saw my total for the whole trip, $85...wondering who got robbed???  I still say them but my checking account says me...Oh Well, I have my Iron Stone, who needs to eat?  JK

(the Rooster Tray I got from Value World Wed $ $1.62, still has partial TJ Max sticker on it, it going in my French Country Kitchen)

I have a matching set of (8) cups & saucers, (2) shallow dishes, creamer & sugar bowl missing it's lid (I LOOKED all over for it)

The Creamer stamp is very faint, like it was heavily glazed, the set has a few chips but overall it's in really good shape.  I found a great replacement site, click here to price, the pattern is Heritage White and according to them my set is worth $9.99 each, net profit $8/set or $64.
Sugar Bowl w/o lid is $19.99, plus $19 for me
Creamer $19.99 plus $19 for me

Let's do that math real quick shall we,
$64 + $19 +$19 = $102 net gain for less than an hour time shopping,
(ok, I guess I was the thief, but I'll be back next time G-Dubbs)

 The Pl-Ugly (plain & ugly) platter I found at G-Dubbs O or Goodwill Outlet for $.59/ lb, I'ma guess it weighs about 3 pounds roughly, $1.80 price.  The stamp on back says "Semi-Vitreous Procelian, U.S.A., East Liverpool Potteries Co. (that's Liverpool, Ohio). I haven't found a value yet so I'ma holdin on to Plugly till then.

East Liverpool Historical Society

USA Pottery Marks

It's pretty well used (banged up) and has visible crackling on the finish, I have not cleaned it up yet so your seeing it straight out of the big blue sort bins.

Well, it's late and I've made you all Green with Envy I'm sure...if you want to find the finds I find, you're more than welcome to Hunt with me!

I do have more to share but another post for another day, Goodnight my little Bloggers, Sleep Tight and let visions of Ironstone Dance in your heads.

Thrifty Treasure Hunter signing off for now

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Lunch Hunt

I went to Value World on my full lunch Wednesday & found some awesome treasure- Large Glass Cloche/Dome, American Girl Palomino Horse, Lots of Beachy Decor, stuff for my patio makeover (that post is coming but has lots more pics), anyway when I was there then had an wonderful small sideboard cabinet thing that would have went in my entry nook perfectly..and for $4, but somebody had already spoken for it...I waited & then finally checked, They were still shopping & still wanted I gave the cashier my cell# & said call me if she doesn't buy it, I'll be here in 5 mins, luckily I only work 2 miles away. She didn't call so I decided to pop in Thursday just in case... it was gone :(

V-Dub's employees are starting to recognize me as a regular, is that a good thing or bad ??? I think good cuz Mike, a stocker, took an item that had lost it's tag (I didn't do it) to get repriced. And the Shift Manager lady was super nice & helped me carry all the stuff out to the car..a nice surprise

Here's is yesterday' quick lunch-time Value World score (prices after my 50% off coupon) 
Chairs- $1 each 
Blue & White Curtain panel w/lace edged valance- $2 

Found an inspiration bench a few weeks ago that combined 3 chairs into 1 bench painted Bold Blue

of course now I can't find it in blogland)(I finally found THE BLUE BENCH
It's on Frou-FruGal's blog, she gave complete instructions, I <3 Her

And I just saw that she posted how to make Outdoor Bench Cushion too!

I did find this one but not the same 1 I saw & fell in love with
(found it yesterday but forgot to save the website, not trying to claim as my own****disclaimer)

Now for some manual labor & then I'll be posting some after pics hopefully soon, FYI my boy's football & soccer games start this Saturday so hopefully I can squeeze in some DIY time.

Happy Hunting!

Feel free to share your finds or upcycled stuff!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Treasure in Treasure Island, FL?

Well technically we stayed in John's Pass but you just cross a short bridge and you're in Treasure Island, FL...and I found some treasures there although I'm so happy we flew, it was hard to restrain myself on getting the good stuff.

1st Stop-Thrift City USA---with a name like that, well...

it was a very organized thrift shop and I noticed that the prices were higher, I guess their pricer knows their stuff...I salivated over alot of the furniture (which was definetely NOT going to fit in a suitcase to fly home with me)

Tomorrow, 8/10/11, the entire store will be 50% off, SNIFF, I'm already back home...SNIFF, I still want to be in Florida on vacation, WAH!

Next door to them is a Sweet Bay grocery store a fancier ALDI's but about the same price. OH, and Popeye's Chicken across the street, that alone give them a Gold Star

All furniture was 50% off so this lovely hutch was marked $99, has 2 glass shelves w/beadboard backboard and 2 wicker basket drawers, very solid and sturdy and in "move in" condition other than a little clean up...

Could change out glass shelves for wood painted to match & use Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Greek Blue??

The cabinet would have paired nicely with this twin scroll bed w/footboard and rails priced $29.99 even at full price it was a steal, so $15, AWESOME...sadly I knew it would never fit in my carry on....even though I can pack...I'm not a Houdini 
better view of the bed details 
Thing 2 modelquinning the willow twig was $3
**********it looked way cooler in the store***********

 Thing 2 showing off a wonderful wooden tray that says "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"  It came home with me for $2.79, be checking back for the makeover post....similiar to The Speckled Dog's tray makeovers. She is awesome & she inspired me to get this whole blogging/ETSY shop thing going, even though she doesn't know me.

Cheese Dome/Cloche $3  (I passed since I have a few already)
 Lacquered Bamboo bowl (now I can't see the price but I think it was $5) but still has store price tag on bottom, see next pic for actual bowl

Thing 1 (also a Modelquinn) with the bowl

This was an beautiful soup toureen w/lid and matching serving platter... $8
I just loved this Teacup print, $5...the frame alone was worth $5 ornate & sturdy

Maybe I liked it because my mom collected Tea Cups ?!!?!? IDK but I liked it
This is a red bandana print tablecloth for $4.25

I've seen many, many parties in blogland w/bandana's as part of the theme
Thing 2 with Scary Orange Bird puppet that squaked like a duck call when you squeeze the was only a Dollar and I plan on donating it to the wonderful Pastor Val for the puppet theater in Castaway Cove ....Love You Valene :)
This handmade in Uruguay rooster was navy blue base color w/white dot was ginormous and heavy...and even though I cringe at paying $30 for something at a Thrift Store, I would have if I could have gotten it home without it costing another $50 to ship

IDK what this thing exactly is other than cool looking...even though it was new, it had a weathered/vintage look to it...and tall metal of some sort....$20 (maybe it was a smudgepot for orange/fruit trees????)
Somebody evil in Blogland mentioned Ballard Designs and so I requested to get a catalog sent to me before I left for was waiting on me when I got I'm kicking myself because I really, really almost bought this "jug" but passed...

here is Ballard's Inspiration piece, $134.99, 18in Covered Demijohn

so even though I didn't blog to y'all everyday, I was doing work while on vacation....stay tuned for Part 2-Treasure in Tampa