Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Treasure in Treasure Island, FL?

Well technically we stayed in John's Pass but you just cross a short bridge and you're in Treasure Island, FL...and I found some treasures there although I'm so happy we flew, it was hard to restrain myself on getting the good stuff.

1st Stop-Thrift City USA---with a name like that, well...

it was a very organized thrift shop and I noticed that the prices were higher, I guess their pricer knows their stuff...I salivated over alot of the furniture (which was definetely NOT going to fit in a suitcase to fly home with me)

Tomorrow, 8/10/11, the entire store will be 50% off, SNIFF, I'm already back home...SNIFF, I still want to be in Florida on vacation, WAH!

Next door to them is a Sweet Bay grocery store a fancier ALDI's but about the same price. OH, and Popeye's Chicken across the street, that alone give them a Gold Star

All furniture was 50% off so this lovely hutch was marked $99, has 2 glass shelves w/beadboard backboard and 2 wicker basket drawers, very solid and sturdy and in "move in" condition other than a little clean up...

Could change out glass shelves for wood painted to match & use Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Greek Blue??

The cabinet would have paired nicely with this twin scroll bed w/footboard and rails priced $29.99 even at full price it was a steal, so $15, AWESOME...sadly I knew it would never fit in my carry on....even though I can pack...I'm not a Houdini 
better view of the bed details 
Thing 2 modelquinning the willow twig was $3
**********it looked way cooler in the store***********

 Thing 2 showing off a wonderful wooden tray that says "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"  It came home with me for $2.79, be checking back for the makeover post....similiar to The Speckled Dog's tray makeovers. She is awesome & she inspired me to get this whole blogging/ETSY shop thing going, even though she doesn't know me.

Cheese Dome/Cloche $3  (I passed since I have a few already)
 Lacquered Bamboo bowl (now I can't see the price but I think it was $5) but still has store price tag on bottom, see next pic for actual bowl

Thing 1 (also a Modelquinn) with the bowl

This was an beautiful soup toureen w/lid and matching serving platter... $8
I just loved this Teacup print, $5...the frame alone was worth $5 ornate & sturdy

Maybe I liked it because my mom collected Tea Cups ?!!?!? IDK but I liked it
This is a red bandana print tablecloth for $4.25

I've seen many, many parties in blogland w/bandana's as part of the theme
Thing 2 with Scary Orange Bird puppet that squaked like a duck call when you squeeze the was only a Dollar and I plan on donating it to the wonderful Pastor Val for the puppet theater in Castaway Cove ....Love You Valene :)
This handmade in Uruguay rooster was navy blue base color w/white dot was ginormous and heavy...and even though I cringe at paying $30 for something at a Thrift Store, I would have if I could have gotten it home without it costing another $50 to ship

IDK what this thing exactly is other than cool looking...even though it was new, it had a weathered/vintage look to it...and tall metal of some sort....$20 (maybe it was a smudgepot for orange/fruit trees????)
Somebody evil in Blogland mentioned Ballard Designs and so I requested to get a catalog sent to me before I left for was waiting on me when I got I'm kicking myself because I really, really almost bought this "jug" but passed...

here is Ballard's Inspiration piece, $134.99, 18in Covered Demijohn

so even though I didn't blog to y'all everyday, I was doing work while on vacation....stay tuned for Part 2-Treasure in Tampa


  1. You found a lot of great items. I know what you mean about not being able to get stuff in your suitcase.I always find a lot of great things when I am down there. Tampa isnt too far from me either, just about an hour. We could go thrifting together!

  2. Eileen, I'll keep your contact info & the next time I'm in town, it's a date... I'm really, really wanting that Blue Dotted Rooster :(