Friday, August 19, 2011

Facebook Friday at Goodwill **teaser**

Well I finally got my act together & printed my Facebook Fan coupon to use at Goodwill on Friday Only...and it figures..

The color of the week is Black, the new stuff they were putting out was red, no biggee really except, whomever they have pricing this week knows their stuff & value of said junk Treasures and I don't mean just an average price, I mean too expensive to be a Goodwill price... I didn't buy many Red tags today...

But that doesn't mean I didn't buy fact, I bought A LOT, $55 dollars worth and some Beautiful, Breathtaking, Rare & very collectible china. (Let visions of Iron Stone & other run thru your head)

Here's a teaser pic of my over-loaded cart- (I found the batteries for my real camera so I should be posting more blogs & faster)  And big shout out to my cashier & her help that so lovingly & carefully wrapped my china, Thank You  Ladies for taking care of my things and treating them like the were junk

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