Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Lunch Hunt

I went to Value World on my full lunch Wednesday & found some awesome treasure- Large Glass Cloche/Dome, American Girl Palomino Horse, Lots of Beachy Decor, stuff for my patio makeover (that post is coming but has lots more pics), anyway when I was there then had an wonderful small sideboard cabinet thing that would have went in my entry nook perfectly..and for $4, but somebody had already spoken for it...I waited & then finally checked, They were still shopping & still wanted I gave the cashier my cell# & said call me if she doesn't buy it, I'll be here in 5 mins, luckily I only work 2 miles away. She didn't call so I decided to pop in Thursday just in case... it was gone :(

V-Dub's employees are starting to recognize me as a regular, is that a good thing or bad ??? I think good cuz Mike, a stocker, took an item that had lost it's tag (I didn't do it) to get repriced. And the Shift Manager lady was super nice & helped me carry all the stuff out to the car..a nice surprise

Here's is yesterday' quick lunch-time Value World score (prices after my 50% off coupon) 
Chairs- $1 each 
Blue & White Curtain panel w/lace edged valance- $2 

Found an inspiration bench a few weeks ago that combined 3 chairs into 1 bench painted Bold Blue

of course now I can't find it in blogland)(I finally found THE BLUE BENCH
It's on Frou-FruGal's blog, she gave complete instructions, I <3 Her

And I just saw that she posted how to make Outdoor Bench Cushion too!

I did find this one but not the same 1 I saw & fell in love with
(found it yesterday but forgot to save the website, not trying to claim as my own****disclaimer)

Now for some manual labor & then I'll be posting some after pics hopefully soon, FYI my boy's football & soccer games start this Saturday so hopefully I can squeeze in some DIY time.

Happy Hunting!

Feel free to share your finds or upcycled stuff!


  1. Hi there, so happy you commented on our blog and posted our Everything Annie Sloan giveaway button on your blog. I am your newest follower and was reading your past posts, did you pop by our store while you were in Tampa!? I hope you did. I have to find the store you were referring to in/near John's Pass. I LOVE treasure hunting and finding things I can repurpose! Thanks again!!

  2. Robyn, No I didn't get into the Tampa store, I just found out about it after I got home, story of my life.

    The store I went to, Thrift City USA, address is 7490 49th ST N, Pinellas Park 727-548-8872

    Then just about 5 mins west of there next to Hungry Howie's was a small church Thrift Shop Heaven's Closet that we didn't get back to during store hours but looked like it had good stuff.

    Please Oh Please pick me for the sampler pack & thanks for following my blog

  3. That sounds like the most fun lunch break EVER! Great finds!