Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Here are some found treasures from the Goodwill Outlet, priced at $.59/lb on Super Saturday Sale

I was soo excited to spy these in the blue bins....and thought I might have to fight an old lady for them too...now in regular Goodwill, probably not gonna see any Jerry Springer Material but at 'Da Outlet, well You Never Know! They are going to look great with my White Ironstone Cup/Saucers that I told you about here

Currier & Ives "Early Winter" Soup Bowl by Royal   found (3) in OK condtion, current selling price from China Replacement Parts is $9.99 each, weighs 'bout 1/2lb or $.30/each = $30 Samollions (or dollars, bucks, greenbacks, you know money??)

(4) Currier & Ives by Royal China on Royal-Ironstone Plates same weight as bowls & resell price, $40 profit
(4) Bread & Butter plates, no stamp/markings on back of plate, $4.99 each, weighs less than 1/4lb so $.15 cost = $19 profit

Ed can you update that total on the Leaderboard please!  (drum roll) $90 give or take few...see people, you can have what you want for a WOW, That's A LOW PRICE, price..you just have to hunt & you know what they say... Neccessity Low Budget  is the Mother of Invention Treasure Hunting!

WHAT DID I DO TODAY??? (Or What Didn't You Do?)

Well on lunch, I ran thru Value World and boy did I find some FINDS!!!  a for real Bell-Shaped Cloche $1.50, (2) Milk Glass vases that you see everywhere $.40, Milk Glass Budoir Lamp $1.20 (metal work needs freshed with Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint), a cool typewriter/suitcase thing that looks kind of British for Thing 1's room it's a rocker theme... couple of cool pitchers 1 with a grasshopper graphic and some more stuff I can't remember off the tops of my head but only spent $14.86 using my 50% off coupon and had a cart load, that makes TTH very happy...pics to come

Then swung into Lowes to check paint mistints, I found 2- red sample for $.50 and a Grey-ish Exterior quart for $2.50 (they are 5 mins from each other) didn't even get a cart...left there picked up Roast Beast Manhattan from MCL Cafeteria (Yummy Old People, no salt added homecooked Goodness) all that Treasure Hunting makes a girl HUNGRAY-WHAT U CRAVE (sorry random commercials keep popping into my head- that's actually from White Castle)

Finsished my real job that pays the bills, Coached Thing 1 at Soccer Practice while my BFF took Thing 2 to Football practice...got home & spent 'bout an hour painting my raw materials tonight...getting closer to opening my ETSY SHOP!!

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